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Manufacturing of complex assemblies, brazing and bonding services

Héroux-Devtek’s plant in Toronto manufactures electronic enclosures, heat exchangers and cabinets for suppliers of airborne radar, electro-optic systems and aircraft controls. The facility provides competencies in vacuum and dip brazing metal joining technologies and became Canada's first facility to be Nadcap certified in aluminum vacuum brazing.

  • Specializing in manufacture of electronic enclosures, heat exchangers and cabinets;
  • Core competency in vacuum / dip brazing and metal joining technology;
  • High accuracy, high speed machining of complex shapes;
  • Ability to supply direct to OEM and Tier One manufacturers;
  • Fabrication of complex precision parts and assembly that require high performance while decreasing the overall cost of manufacturing;
  • Designing of brazed chassis to increase the thermal effectiveness and performance of the unit;
  • Construction of light weight chassis and components that require minimum wall thickness and allows for thick to thin wall transitions;
  • Brazing of chassis holding close tolerances which reduces the need for secondary machining operations;
  • Produces products used in a high stress working environment that require hermetical seals, leak tight and high strength joints;
  • Combined with LIP gasket to provide unsurpassed protection from EMI with uniform thermal and electrical conductivity.

For decades, Héroux-Devtek’s ongoing development and implementation of innovative production systems have distinguished the Company’s ability to manufacture to client specifications.

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