Working at Héroux-Devtek

Progress to New Peaks

At Héroux-Devtek, we provide our employees with an environment that favors their professional development. After an employee is hired, he or she benefits from the advantages of mentorship. We do this because we recognize the value of current employees. What’s more, we emphasize internal development and continuous training because we realize the importance of developing employees’ skills so they can advance within their teams.

Héroux-Devtek is also known for its welcoming approach to interns. We recognize the importance of training new talent and that’s why we seek to hire graduates as much as experienced workers. To our way of thinking, our approach to diversity creates the perfect synergy that leads to a harmonious blend of innovation and experience. Finally, our strength resides in our ability to recognize the contribution of each employee as well as in our continuous search for new challenges.

Discover our 4R Culture

4rforsuccessReceiving a competitive salary that reflects education and experience is without a doubt an essential component in any career. While we believe in fostering a workplace in which individual talent is valued and in which remuneration is aligned with job duties, required skills and internal equity, Héroux-Devtek also believes in providing employees with a strong entrepreneurial culture that guides them toward a common goal: progress. Our culture is defined by four fundamental values, which we call the 4Rs.

RESPECT… in the quality of individual relations with customers, colleagues, suppliers and the company.

RESPONSIBILITY… for quality delivered to our customers, fairness in dealings with each other and continuous process improvements.

RECOGNITION… obtained for employee achievements, from colleagues, customers, and the company.

RESILIENCE… or the ability of employees to demonstrate flexibility, openness, and ingenuity with customers and among themselves, and tenacity in the joint pursuit of our customers’, employees’ and company’s successes.

We are convinced that our entrepreneurial culture creates a workplace that is both enjoyable and stimulating for our employees. We’re also convinced it supports our growth in a highly competitive market.

Our Complete Commitment

At Héroux-Devtek, we’re committed to manufacturing superior-quality products that satisfy the needs of our clients. We seek to exceed client expectations, as well as those of our shareholders and of our teams. While we do set high objectives and strive to surpass ourselves in our constant search for excellence, we are also fully aware of our role as an employer operating within society.

We know that our success is a daily pursuit and we know it’s due to the respect and trust of our employees. That’s why, as a prominent aeronautics subcontractor that promotes the values of corporate responsibility, we strive for nothing short of excellence when it comes to the health and safety of our greatest resource: our employees. In this spirit, we make efforts to eliminate all potential dangers and maintain a safe working environment.

Conscious of our environmental responsibilities, we aim for a high level of performance by controlling the impact of our activities and by fully committing to a rigorous environmental program. The success of this program is a result of a commitment from all levels within the company.

Moreover, in addition to valuing the health of both the environment and our employees, Héroux-Devtek makes, on a daily basis, a strong collective effort to develop policies, activities, and programs in the following areas:

  • Continous Improvement
  • Training
  • Research and Development
  • Employment Equity
  • Anti-harassment Policies
  • Confidentiality of Personal information
  • Benefits (group insurance plan, pension plan, and Registered Retirement Savings Plan) in line with industry standards
  • Social Club
  • Educational Assistance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Various committees (workplace health and safety, continuous improvement, workplace relations, and others)

We firmly believe that investing both time and money for these initiatives creates a stimulating dynamic and contributes to the skills and well-being of our employees. 

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